Podcasting Must Haves

Organization: PodcastPlaybook This program I feel has enabled me to get over the procrastinating hurdle of scheduling guests.  Instead of clicking through the myriad of Windows root tree folders on my desktop, each episode is in one customized home. Being a workflow designer and marketing director for various tech companies, Alina knows how to organize with Apple-like intuitiveness. Don't hesitate to purchase the Playbook. If you are serious about your Podcasting career it will help you get to the next level. Tech support is A7!

Recording: Adobe Audition. I've used Hindenburg, Audacity, Reaper, and Cool Edit Pro however with all of the teaching videos on Youtube I've settled on AA. 

Control Panel: Rodecaster Pro

Mic: Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone with Variable-D

Promotional: Headliner.app