Episode 25

Published on:

30th Aug, 2021

Episode 24

Published on:

23rd Aug, 2021

Episode 23

Published on:

16th Aug, 2021

Episode 22

Published on:

9th Aug, 2021

Episode 21

Published on:

2nd Aug, 2021

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The Best 5 Minute Wine Podcast
The Best 5 Minute Wine Podcast is a weekly podcast by Forrest Kelly exploring wineries around the world. We take 5 minutes and give you wine conversation starters and travel destinations. In addition, you'll hear candid interviews from those shaping the wine field. Join us as we become inspired by their search for extraordinary wine and wineries.
WELP Magazine recognized the podcast as one of the best Travel Podcasts of 2021.

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Forrest Kelly

Forrest Kelly is an experienced radio broadcaster and media personality who has interviewed some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. A lover of wine who is fascinated about the science behind it, from seed to the glass.